Carey executed C-Suite Executive research for my Social Media White Paper and was great to work with. 

The potential project scope was unmanageable, and I was a bit stressed out.   But after much back and forth, Carey's expertise and calm demeanor helped narrow the scope to the most relevant topics/segments.   

Her reporting was concise and to the point.  The end result was a well received White Paper that helped me launch my consulting practice.

—Tim Collins (Principal Grisdale Advisors)

We have a great portfolio and many happy clients, but it wasn’t translating into increased revenue.

Then we brought Carey Plunkett on board! From day one, a partnership was born that evolved our brand identity before our eyes. She looked at our goals, analyzed our hits and misses, and developed a brand framework that not only fits our vision perfectly, but is easily and clearly actionable.

Carey presented us with an easy-to-read brand platform that we handed off to our graphics and web team, and within weeks we had a new brand identity that truly expresses our vision. 

Working with Carey Plunkett was a pleasure - one of the best business decisions we have ever made!"

—Laurie Fisher (Principal Architect, Laurie Fisher Architecture)

Carey Plunkett from Persuasium Research was a trusted partner of mine when I led global Consumer Insights at Belkin during 2013 - 2018.

She conducted numerous attitude and usage studies to help us understand how consumers used technology. She also executed a branding study that helped define the product and marketing strategy for the company.

Her inquisitive nature is only rivaled by her ability to draw high level conclusions and build stories leading to actionable decision making.

Her deliverables combine the right level of detail and are abundant in recommendations. I loved working with Carey and always trusted her data-driven instincts.

—Breyda Ortega (Consumer Insights Manager, Belkin International) 

I have benefited from Carey Plunkett’s research expertise during my tenure at a small to mid-sized premium pet food company, at a time when we lacked extensive budgets for research.

Carey’s skills include not only the design and execution of consumer and retailer research, but more importantly an ability to provide clear and actionable insights. These insights have allowed me, as head of marketing and product development, to launch products that are on point with consumer needs and ultimately grow the company’s revenue.

Any business looking for solid, actionable results that fit within a budget would serve their organization well by contacting Carey."

—Rafi Kalachian (VP Marketing, CANIDAE Pet Foods)